Live One-to-One Online Tuitions for CBSE/ICSE/IGCSE/State Board Syllabus

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Search, Find and Book Experienced Tutors as per your requirement

Stop worrying about getting quality Tutors at your convenience! There are plenty of experienced Tutors from across India to offer you tuitions on any subject you need.  Do a Search, find the ideal Tutor and Book the tuition time.  That’s it! You will have a Tutor available right at your home.

The Teachers available with Tutormine have provided their detailed Profile here for students and their parents to evaluate and select the best teacher suitable for tuitions.  There are specialized teachers for each and every subject and they are available anytime to offer live tuitions.

Get Tuitions for any Subject as per your convenience right at your home

Tutormine has hundreds of Tutors offering Online Tuitions for varied Syllabus, Subjects and Languages. A mere search based on Course, Stream and Subject will get you the list of Tutors who offer subject of your choice.  Evaluate their Profile, select the ideal Tutor and book the tuition session.  Get your tuitions right at your home at your convenience.

Tutormine’s offers live, full-sccreen, Interactive, One-to-One Tuitions. Your choice of teacher will be available to teach the topic asked by the student, that too, as per the convenience of the student, be it day time, evening or even night!

Full Screen Live Interactive Online Tuitions

Tuitions are available on your PC or Laptop!  Our Virtual Classroom application works like Full Screen Video Conferencing solution.  It provides Full Screen video of Tutor.  Student can see and talk to Tutor.  The Classroom has Digital Writing Boards, Slide Presentations and Recorded Educational Videos available.

Full Screen Live Interactive Online Tuition creates a conducive ambience for study at home and makes the impression that the tutor is sitting right opposite to the student.  The interaction is so seamless, that the student gets an effective learning experience.

Put Money in e-wallet; Pay only for Tuitions taken

Tutormine has an inbuilt e-wallet. Put money in the e-wallet.  The fee for each session will be deducted from this e-wallet and transferred to the concerned Teacher.  Balance remains in the account.  No Monthly subscription or minimum payment commitment.  The siblings of the Student can also use the same account and the e-wallet to get tuitions from other Tutors.

Certain money deposited in the e-wallet helps the student to take up tuitions anytime he wants.  Tuition fee gets deducted each time when tuition is taken.  The usage of the e-wallet can be monitored through an in-built passbook associated with your account.