Tutormine has developed and incorporated a proprietary Virtual Classroom. Virtual classrooms are comparable with online video conferencing. Virtual classrooms are more like real world classrooms. Students can see and interact with tutor who takes the classroom session. Tutors can also see students and interact with them. There is a digital writing board which can be used for writing notes, drawing images and graphs, display shapes and symbols. Graph paper or text based contents can be brought on to the writing board.

Online tutoring software

  • Online Tutoring Software (OTS) of tutormine is a technological marvel. It has so many futuristic features, that online learning become really enjoyable and engaging.
  • Multi colored, multiple writing boards are its prime attraction. About 100 such digital boards are incorporated in the OTS.
  • Any shapes, symbols, writings, drawings, highlights, graphs etc. can be brought on the digital writing pages. Both tutor and students can write on the digital board.
  • Enormous number of presentation slides can be placed on the storage and brought onto the presentation area. Important points on the slide can be marked with the digital pen tool. All markings on all pages remain till the session is closed.
  • Videos can be loaded directly from the desktop to the board and played with pause, stop, resume, mute functionalities. Videos can be stored for quick play and for future replay.
  • There is file sharing, text chat and messaging among participants.
  • Live video of tutor is available through-out the tutoring session.
  • Tutor can view live videos of students.
  • Tutormine Online Tutoring Software is highly interactive in nature. Interaction is live and real time.
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