Across the world, tuition is a costly affair, even when the quality of tuition is below expectations.

How to reduce tuition fee?

A flexible online tuition platform is the answer. It can offer cost effective tuition by enlisting a large number of tutors across the world. Tutors tend to charge less on online platform. This is because they can offer this tuition to a large number of students without spending time to travel to them. Since tuitions are offered from his home PC, tutors incur less expense, but cover more students.

Competition is another reason for tutors to charge less for their offer.

Tutormine has a vast pool of professional tutors and freelancers. This assures variety in fees, subjects, teaching methodologies, styles, approaches and varied expertise.

The increasing number of tutors can help students take advantage of their competitiveness both in terms of subject expertise and lower tuition fees.

On a philosophical tone, the cost of tuition is again objective. A tutor charges his fee based on various factors, such as; his knowledge level, experience, communication skill, ability to impress upon students, popularity or even ability to connect with students. Experience shows that a highly qualified scholar may not necessarily be a good teacher or be well accepted by students.

Teaching is an inborn skill. A good teacher commands and demands good money. ‘Value is the assumption of the valuer’ .

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