There is a notion that only those who teach in schools and colleges are excellent teachers. Is that true?

There are so many educated people who are passionate about teaching. There are born teachers who are working in many other fields, who can explain concepts far better than any professional teacher! There are employees and educated house wives who can do wonders by sharing their knowledge with needy students. But what stops them from offering their God given talent of teaching “to” students who are really in need of it?

Mis-match of time, distance and above all, no common meeting place! Teacher is somewhere and student is elsewhere.

The most precious talent which is highly in demand is going unutilized! The unmatched potential of those talented and passionate, yet unsung, heroes are summarily under utilized.

Tutormine – the most scientific e-learning platform fills this lacunae.

Those passionate, highly successful employees, professionals, house wives and retired veterans are convinced of the need for sharing their priced possession with discerning students. “Organize your time to help those students to learn better and score better” was the request to them. And they did heed to our requests.

Tutormine is being filled with extremely passionate tutors who love to offer their talent for students to understand concepts better and excel in their examinations.

Tutormine with its ultra modern technological e-learning platform, reach out to these teachers and students and help them meet each other and transact quality education.

Tutormine believes, that excellent teachers are not only those who work in education institutions; but those who are passionate about offering their talent to students. Tutormine offers them a platform to get connected to students who live far away from them.

Tutormine is a scientific on-line learning platform which connects ‘really excellent’ tutors and ‘needy’ students. Win for all!

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