Tutormine introduces the path breaking concept of ‘4Way Learning’!

Let’s discuss how it works. These methods are supposed to provide better understanding of subjects. The 4 ways are online tuitions by tutors, videos classrooms, online exams and peer-to-peer interactions.

First Level:

Tutors convert the entire syllabus into small educational videos. In this pre-recorded classroom teaching videos, tutors teach with the help of digital board, video and audio. Typically one video will cover an entire Chapter of the syllabus.
Students go through this video presentation of the study material before they attend tutoring session. As the students get a first hand impression of the subject, they develop reasonably good understanding of the concept prior to attending lecture sessions.  Thus, lecture sessions that follow in the second level, will become more meaningful and more of question and answer sessions.  This interaction will be highly useful for students in their learning process.

Second Level:

After the student goes through the pre-recorded videos, he joins for a LIVE interactive virtual classroom of the Tutor. In this live, virtual classroom, student gets to clear his doubts and undertakes more exercises on the subject. This process gives him more clarity about what he learns.
Interactive sessions are particularly helpful for students who get to learn in a classroom like environment and to ask questions to tutors directly. This gives them profound understanding of the subject.

Third Level:

Once he completes his interactive session with the tutor, the student proceeds further to online exams and quizzes provided by the tutor. The tutor would have provided numerous questions for the students to answer in a typical examination scenario. They write the answers depending on the questions provided by the tutor such as objective type, multiple choices etc.

The results are published immediately for the student to know his learning levels.

There will be such a huge repository of question papers that the student will be really exposed to every angle of the subject. As more and more exams and quizzes are undertaken, students will attain capability to face any challenging examination in the real world.

Forth Level:

Peer-to-Peer learning is the best way of learning! Students communicate among themselves very well. This capability of students is well utilized in Tutormine. There is a Forum for Socializing available for students to post their doubts and get answers from their fellow friends in the system! Many seniors feel it a privilege to help their juniors with answers and solutions. Students quickly understand the tricks and techniques shared by their fellow friends.

This exactly is the reason why there is a social networking site on Tutormine. Students get to mingle with other students on a social platform, develop friendship with more students thereby widening their contact circle. They post their achievements and accomplishments. Probably this will be the best reason why students keep coming back to Tutormine. Birds of same feather flock together!

Final result of 4Level Learning

Learning levels vary from student to student. A comprehensive facility which helps students to learn subjects at their own pace in video formats will do wonders. It is possible for them to watch the pre-recorded videos as many times as they want to. This will turn out to be a great support for them during the time of examination.

Live Interactive sessions will help them to learn directly from tutors. Queries, answers and exercises will help them understand concepts well.

Online Exams and instant results will help them realize their learning levels. Vaults of online questions refine them with automatic learning. They will realize their improvements in a steady manner.

And finally, their friends will stuff them with options, tips and easy ways to score well. After all, only a student knows the other better!

A student will love to be in Tutormine. They will learn far better. Because, Tutormine is a proper implementation of results of many studies conducted across the world as to how to help students to learn better.

With Tutormine and its 4 Level learning system, students will fare far better.

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